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Using radiography, symmetrical lesions are determinedkih on the periphery (“frosted glass”). This type of pneumonia begins acutely, flu-like - the temperature rises, chills and muscle pain occur. Severe shortness of breath develops very quickly, which leads to respiratory failure and in severe cases requires mechanical ventilation. The course of the disease is similar to buy levitra online respiratory distress syndrome; X-rays show bilateral diffuse darkening of the lungs characteristic of this syndrome. The prognosis is unfavorable, with a high mortality rate.

Cryptogenic organizing pulmonary inflammation. It also has a flu-like onset. The inflammatory process extends not only to the interstitium, but also to the alveolar tissue. On auscultation, you can hear crepitus, characteristic of lobar pneumonia, so the disease is often treated unsuccessfully with antibiotics. The prognosis is favorable; with adequate treatment, recovery occurs within 3-4 months. A rather rare type of pneumonia, it occurs more often in male smokers over 40 years of age. The disease progresses gradually, and the bronchioles and alveoli are involved in the inflammatory process. Dry cough and shortness of breath progress very slowly, may not alarm the patient and are often explained by the consequences of levitra.
  • The appearance of “frosted glass” on an x-ray is characteristic.
  • The prognosis is favorable, complete recovery is possible.
  • A gradually developing disease that is rare and more common in older women.
  • In addition to take vardenafil pills symptoms of cough and shortness of breath, fever, joint pain, and weight loss may occur.

During the examination, alveolar-interstitial infiltrates are revealed. The prognosis is favorable.
  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
  • A disease with a gradual onset and prolonged increase in symptoms.
  • On auscultation, bilateral crepitus is heard, and on x-ray there is a “ground glass” pattern.
  • Associated with smokers and characterized by damage to the small airways (bronchioles). Symptoms are nonspecific.
  • Possible complications of vardenafil pills.
  • The development of pulmonary fibrosis is a pathological replacement of normal lung tissue with connective tissue that occurs during a long course of the disease.
  • As a result, elasticity and gas exchange are disrupted.
  • The addition of a bacterial infection occurs due to congestion in the lungs and general exhaustion of the body.

Abscesses, empyema may occur, and distant purulent metastases may develop. Respiratory failure is a consequence of pulmonary fibrosis. It manifests itself as a decrease in tolerance to physical activity, cyanosis, and symptoms of “drumsticks” and “watch glasses”. Heart failure - due to respiratory failure, hypertrophy of the right ventricle develops, the so-called “pulmonary heart”. Lungs' cancer. occurs in the later stages of the disease as a consequence of prolonged action of inflammatory factors, especially often observed in patients who smoke.